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[Owner] palofchaos
palofchaos @ ArdentCraft
posted May 3, 16

Hello Everyone!

The server is back up. Please join us on :D

Hope to see you soon!

[Admin] forfildur Server has been updated to 1.10+
[Member] jack_hume Its saying the server is outdated. :L


[Owner] palofchaos
palofchaos @ ArdentCraft
posted May 1, 16

Starting Sunday 6:00 PM EST all traffic for ArdentCraft should go to instead of the The main server will be down for a couple of days - I expect everything to be back up and running no later than Noon Tuesday May 3rd. Nothing will be lost during this time frame. - please use this address to play minecraft. This is a creative server that we will also be keeping in the future so anything you build there will be saved!

Once the move and upgrade are complete - we should see much improved performance. laughing

If you have any questions or concerns please voice them. If you have any trouble connecting to the creative server please let a staff member know and we will help you out as best we can.

[Owner] palofchaos
palofchaos @ ArdentCraft
Please play on the creative server for a day!