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[Admin] Crit posted Feb 6, 15

As of 2/4/15 you can now change your username, I'm sure most of you already know this though. What you need to know is this; if you change your username you will lose access to your inventory, enderchest, and money. As well as your claims but admins can recover those for you.

My main topic to talk about today though is how to find a players past username(s). If you go to you can find the UUID of a person. We'll be using me as an example for all of this, my username is CritJ. So if you search for CritJ it will tell you my UUID is 34d56e4b-ce90-488e-8ec1-a65f973bbebf.

What you want to do from here copy and paste this URL into your browser You need to change the (UUID) in the URL to the players UUID. In my case this is 34d56e4b-ce90-488e-8ec1-a65f973bbebf, BUT, you need to remove the -'s. So the new UUID we want is 34d56e4bce90488e8ec1a65f973bbebf. 

As a final result the URL is


If you need any help with this let me know. ~Crit

[Member] 15987632 if you an updated spigot/eco/griefprevention this shouldn't be a problem
[Admin] maryposa this sentence should be highlighted What you need to know is this; if you change your username you will lose access to ...

As some of you may or may not know we have our own youtube channel. As it stood we were at one time doing monthly youtube video submissions by members as a contest in which the winner would recieve a special prefix in game among other things. Well we wanted to do something similar and we have decided to do a community promotion. Currently our channel stands at 23 subscribers and we would like to change that. So we are offering members a chance to benefit from subscribing to the channel. If we reach a certain number of subscribers we will add a plugin to our server each milestone up to 100 subscribers. Below I will list the ones we have decided on so far and the milestones to recieve those plugins.

30 subscribers - A plugin that pays players for each hour they play on our servers a preset amount of in game money. 
Achieved 1/13/15 Thank You!
40 subscribers - A favorite of some of our veteran members the marrige plugin.
Achieved 1/17/15 Thank You!
50 subscribers - Mobarena will make its comeback once again to ardentcraft.
Achieved 1/18/15 Thank You!
75 subscribers - A plugin that pays players everytime they slay those pesky mobs.
100 subscribers - And last but not least we will add mobcatcher and /hat to all our players.
(Please note these plugins may be changed depending on update status of the game and those plugins)
We hope this will motivate you to share the server with your friends as well as those in your youtube circle. Below is one of our videos and a link to subscribe to our channel.

[Member] PrinceJose Can I borrow this intro when I do a recording on the server? ...
[Mod] Dartzz Subscribing spree!
[Member] roboticrocker This sounds AMAZING!!!