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Ardentcraft's new 1.8 survival server is now live.     

As of this moment, plugins are pretty basic – you’ve got homes, warps and claims to start off your 1.8 community experience. 
More plugins will be added as they’re updated  - so the experience will grow.   The list of plugins to be added isn’t finalised yet – and we’re open to suggestions.  If you have a suggestion for our 1.8 world, please post it here.

The lobby-world still exists and all builds are still there.   Homes have been reset - so ask a staff member for help if you need to find your build in the lobby world.

Come on in and enjoy.

The 1.8 update has created a problem for servers, due to legal battles that have affected the CraftBukkit platform.  

We are now able to provide an update on the effect on Ardentcraft – and what is going to happen, soon.

Ardent uses Spigot, which is a variant of CraftBukkit.   Spigot is continuing with development – meaning that Ardentcraft will continue to have a stable platform for our servers.

For an update on the current situation – including expected deadlines, information about the new map and spawn – please see this thread.

If you have any questions or suggestions – please post in this thread.

In the meantime – play on Ardentcraft’s new playable Lobby Map – which can be played with the 1.8 minecraft client.  Enjoy.

[Admin] maryposa
maryposa @ ArdentCraft
Thank-you so much for clarifying this Phokxx!! It will be a great help to players understanding what is going on.