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****Server Recently Updated to a more stable version. If you cannot connect please remove the old modpack and install the newest version.****

By popular demand ArdentPixel is back live.

I have been working on fine tuning the server and fixing issues that were causing crashes. During this process  I have created and official ardentpixel modpack for use with technic(Credit to Troax of FS for part of the modpack build). In order to use this modpack follow the steps below.

  1. Go to to download and register the launcher.
  2. Open the launcher and click the + button and use this url: to add our modpack.
  3. With our pack selected hit play and wait for the pack to download and install.
  4. Once the game launches connect to nad have fun.
  5. To become a member simply join the ardent website and make a post in the pixelmon member application forum here:
I have also found an official pixelmon resource pack for those that want a more official pixelmon experience which can be found here:

We hope to see you on ArdentPixel.
[Member] CritJ I don't like that resource pack, it makes cobble look ugly.
[Hammer] nevets202009 Follow the instructions i posted american
[VIP] Americanwhite52 what mod pack? it wont let me join
Hey everyone!

This summer we are doing fun stuff and you'll be winning prizes. I will divulge more details later today. 

The biggest hint is, play time. Rack up that play time and you will be rewarded. :D

Summer Sweepstakes!!!

Two players each week will be chosen to get a random Steam Key. You get chosen by having the MOST PLAYTIME on the ArdentCraft Servers!!! We will keep track of playtime for the Creative Server as well - I have many games that have been sitting around collecting "dust". :P Age matters here folks, For example... if you are 13 you will not win a game meant for Mature audiences. I have a good mix of games to be able to work around the age factors.

Time starts Monday 06/30/14 at Midnight. So 12:00 AM EST 

Staff cannot win any steam games via playtime. There will be other opportunities for you guys and gals. ;)

Week 1 Winners June 30 - July 6: oozmakappa26 and creeperbomb10
Week 2 Winners July 7 - July 13: Jawn_J and OpTic_TrueBlue

Keep playing and you'll keep getting games!
[Member] Dazzlebean Is this still going on? ...
[VIP] Americanwhite52 i turn 18 on september 18 cant wait to get my steam game XD ...
[Member] Troax Steam is to games how Mojang is to Minecraft kinda, except Mojang owns all the games they release, and Steam just lets t ...
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