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The 1.8 update has created a problem for servers, due to legal battles that have affected the CraftBukkit platform.  

We are now able to provide an update on the effect on Ardentcraft – and what is going to happen, soon.

Ardent uses Spigot, which is a variant of CraftBukkit.   Spigot is continuing with development – meaning that Ardentcraft will continue to have a stable platform for our servers.

For an update on the current situation – including expected deadlines, information about the new map and spawn – please see this thread.

If you have any questions or suggestions – please post in this thread.

In the meantime – play on Ardentcraft’s new playable Lobby Map – which can be played with the 1.8 minecraft client.  Enjoy.

[Admin] maryposa Thank-you so much for clarifying this Phokxx!! It will be a great help to players understanding what is going on.
Guess what... you can now play with 1.8 clients. Have fun.

Close quarters for the spawn world that is also the lobby for the bungee - radius 1500 for now... So remember to talk to your neighbors.
[Donor] mark_bodger I didn't realise it was a new world untill phokxx told me. Thought you had just ported the old server to 1.8 untill ther ...