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PVP Server!

[Admin] Crit posted Jun 28, 15

     The post below this one, this, showed a mysterious spoiler. I'm happy to announce that Ardentcraft is now hosting a PVP server again! To go to it you can either type /server pvp or /server and then click the server name you want to join. Another useful command is /glist. This will show you all the players online and which server they are currently playing on.

     I hope everyone has fun! Enjoy your time on Ardent.

[R] Savrimyi It's actually a lot more like caveman survival. If you don't like the sun this server is perfect for you!

Edit: Let me be clear. The server map we are currently on will not be going anywhere.~Crit

[Member] lat35479 Oh way can't wait!
[Member] MCElite25 So the Server is Restarting? if yes )=
[Member] TiiGeR If they're using that spawn for the same purpose it used to serve then it's a Faction Server I remember this spawn cause ...